John Egbert

I ended up with this super comfy cosplay of my favorite Homestuck boy because my best friend was just going to throw it away!!! I took it and declared that, “nobody throws baby in the trash.” So now until she comes to her senses and want this costume back it is my Sunday costume.  


ONLY 17 DAYS TILL ANIME BLUES CON! I’m freaking out just a little cause I only have one of three of my costumes completely done and even it needs some minor updates done to it. UGH! Hopefully after Friday my Vaporeon will be done enough to wear to ABC. BLESS ME COSPLAY GODS.

Vaporeon Fins

So I had never done any paper mache before taking on this project. I used tissue paper and regular white craft glue with some water to make these. All together with drying time they took me about 4 hours to make. Mostly because at first I had to experiment with the material to figure out…

Monk Eevee Progress

I’m pretty much done making my friends Monk Eevee from the Sunset Dragon designs. She was able to try it on today to make sure everything fit well. There are still some minor adjustments to be made.  What’s left: Clouds detail on the front sash thingy. Wig styling Light up belt Prop (bo staff)

Vaporeon Staff 

I have actually already made some more progress on this since I took these photos but these are the most up-to-date I have since I sent these to my group chat. I need to take some new pictures soon. Since these I have painted the inner circles and put several coats of Super Glossy Modge…

Ao no Exorcist: Lantern Festival

This was a lot of fun and I wish that my camera wouldn’t have died as soon as we got there; ugh, I was so unprepared for this adventure. Oh well! We had a great time and the lantern festival was beautiful. I hope they are able to travel back through Memphis, TN next year….

Tom the Demon

So I doubt my cosplay for Tom the Demon from Star VS. the Forces of Evil will ever go beyond me doing this cos-test but I had a lot of fun doing this Snapchat challenge. The challenge was posted on Cosplay Amino; which if you are a cosplayer and you don’t use that app you…

Nurse Joy

This isn’t my costume, it belongs to my friend Simpson Senpai. I’m super thankful that she let me borrow it for a con in Memphis, TN. called Mid-South Con. This was my first year to attend this con. I was only able to attend for one day due to my work schedule at the time….


Managed to finish my Yoon cosplay  (for the most part). I’m super happy with how this turned out actually. All that’s left are two small feathers and add two buttons onto my bracers to help keep them closed.