#MerleMonday Project

I’m doing this fun project where I post a new photo of my Merle Highchurch cosplay doing various things. In some he is hanging out with other friends from the podcast “The Adventure Zone: Bureau of Balance” in others he is on solo adventures. I use my camera phone or DSLR to pose in the way I want and then use Photoshop to modify the picture to my desired location or event. The project has been a great way for me to test my cosplay, creativity, and Photoshop skills. It has also allowed for my followers to have a say in how they would like to see Merle. Since I take request on Merle Monday subject matter.


Here is a before and after of what I’m going through with this process.

Bureau of Balance was such a great Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) podcast. It was a great break from my other more serious D&D experiences. Merle in particular is a great character. He is a cleric who often times forgets to heal the party or over uses his spell slots and can’t heal the party. It made for a lot of hilarious episodes and events. I love him a lot and thought this would be a great way to show my love for this character.


These are some of my previously posted Merle Monday photos. You can follow this adventure on my Instagram or Twitter; both are @vadaweep



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