Vaporeon Staff 

I have actually already made some more progress on this since I took these photos but these are the most up-to-date I have since I sent these to my group chat. I need to take some new pictures soon. Since these I have painted the inner circles and put several coats of Super Glossy Modge Podge on top of it to give it a water-y effect. It still needs a couple more coats in some places that I want to look like light is hitting it when the ‘waves’ are cresting.

It’s coming along pretty nicely I think. The clear ball needs to be painted to look like a Dive Ball that I’m hoping to have glowing and placed in the middle of the staff.

In the larger circles I’m going to be adding marbles to give it a bubble effect. In the smaller holes I’m going to be tying some small charms ‘from previous battles’ to strings. I’m hoping my other Eeveelutions will help in deciding on those.

Things left to do for Vaporeon’s staff:

  1.  Get the trinkets/charms and get them tied into place.
  2. Place the marbles, or ‘air bubbles’.
  3. Sand down the handle part of the staff and paint it.
  4. Paint the Dive Ball and prep for electronics.
  5. Get the LED set up into the Dive Ball and place it.

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