Nurse Joy

This isn’t my costume, it belongs to my friend Simpson Senpai. I’m super thankful that she let me borrow it for a con in Memphis, TN. called Mid-South Con. This was my first year to attend this con. I was only able to attend for one day due to my work schedule at the time. The con is mostly focused on games and comics. I don’t have much, cosplay-wise, in that department so I I’m glad Rachel was kind enough to let me borrow her wonderful Nurse Joy for the day. I was surprised when we got there to run into quite a few people I knew that I wasn’t expecting to be there. The Pink Power Ranger is one of them! That is Warwizardz ; he is pretty cool and stuff. I was happy to hangout with them and have a great day away from town. All the photos are by the ever amazing Rikki Chan Kawaii; she was the person that invited me to attend and we had so much fun.


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