About Me?


|| Level twenty-seven || Aquarius || Photographer || Tea || Coffee ||  Anime || Videogames || Comics || Dungeons and Dragons || United States || “Adventure is out there!!” || Disney || Rainy Weather || The smell of old book stores  || Campfires  || Mexican and Greek foods || Animal lover ||

I have been cosplaying since 2013; my first con was Anime Blues Con in Memphis, TN. It was an amazing experience and I highly suggest that everyone check-out this con.  Not  only is it will organized but the guest and staff are usually top notch. Other than that I try and go to at least three cons a year and average about five new costumes a year. Up till now they have been rather small, ‘easy-ish’ cosplays; however, I’m ready now to start growing and working towards bettering myself as a craftsman. I’m going to be using this site as a cosplay ‘dump’ essentially. I’m going to be posting all my progress photos and ideas on here to help keep me motivated and to document my progress should I decide to enter in a cosplay contest of some kind.